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Restore College Wrestling Oregon Steering Committee Meeting

May 2, 2015

Embassy Suites, Tigard Oregon


In Attendance:  Mike Clock (MC), Chuck Holiday (CH), Kurt Davis (KD), John Dustin (JD), John Speasl (JS), Harold Weight (HW), Rick Franklin (RF), and Buck Davis (BD)

Called to order by Chairman Mike Clock at 2:07 p.m.

Treasurers Report:  KD reported that the Oregon Classic donated $1,500 for this year.  The total in our account should be enough to pay for ongoing expenses associated with printing, our website, email service and other ‘maintenance’ needs.

JS:  Reported on the old DD ranch outside of Corvallis.  The new owners (Hunter and Kathy Fayles) have expressed an interest in holding a State of Oregon wrestling reunion there.  This would be very informal and would resemble a large campout with an emphasis on renewing friendships and building a base of support for Restoring lost programs(and providing moral support for ongoing ones).   

MC:  Suggested that we hold our June meeting at the DD and see if the facilities would meet our needs.  We selected the afternoon of June 9th and the morning of June 10th as our next meeting dates.  If Hunter and Kathy are ok with us meeting there those two days AND a review of the state of the property makes that seem feasible, then we will meet there.  If not we will meet at Joe McFarland’s home on Sauvies Island.

CH:  Spoke about our P.O. Box and the lack of use it has gotten.  Since most of our communication is via email we voted to drop our PO Box.  Kurt and Chuck said they will work to get it done and without any penalty. 

JD:  Stated that he would like to amend the minutes from the last meeting and stated that he wanted to remove the sentence that said he had volunteered to help us with financial matters and fundraising. John would like the minutes to say he had volunteered to help with the development of our budget instead. It was moved and seconded.  All members were in favor of John’s request and the minutes were amended.

MC:  Reported on the meeting that was held with Robin Baker the George Fox president.  Mike and Doug Caffall, along with Larry Gibson from Washington(GFU wrestling alum), were in attendance.  MC said that Robin is very supportive of college athletics and understands the value of having a well managed athletic program.  Doug and Mike had prepared a Power point and financial analysis to share at the meeting.  Although Robin was marginally acquainted with the sport of wrestling, he asked the right questions and showed a genuine interest in what the sport could offer George Fox.  Mike & Doug will keep the committee in the loop as the situation progresses. Doug will the primary contact person, since he is well connected in the Newberg community. 

CH:  Reported he had a conversation with Norm Berney regarding Corban College.  Norm said they are still interested in hearing more about wrestling.  Kurt Davis said he was taking some students to Corban in the near future and would make a point of visiting with Norm to find out who the key individuals were at the university that we needed to visit with.  MC said there had been some conversation between Corban and Warner Pacific recently and he would visit with Jamie Voss the AD at WPC for some insight.

KD:  Reported that he had a positive conversation on April 15th with Greg Smith regarding EOU and developing a program there. We are all crossing our fingers that Greg is successful in this venture.   

BD:  Reported on the progress that has been made to retrieve and store all of the documents etc that we have developed for RCWOR.  With the help of Bill Hocker at Marathon Business Machines in Redmond Oregon we have developed a folder which we are calling our “Toolbox” that contains documents, power points, hardcopy’s, video etc.

Bill has converted this material into a PDF format to make it easier to share with other like minded organizations.  The project is not complete yet as there are still materials out there that need to be retrieved and formatted for the “toolbox”.  

CH:  Chuck said a man from Utah contacted him and wanted to get as much information as possible from our group to aid him in starting a program at Utah State.  It was decided that we would readily share this information with other groups provided they demonstrate they are viable and organized. 

BD, KD, MC, and CH all said we should not share the information in this folder until it had been completed and up to date.  It was also said from the entire group that before information could be added to the toolbox or shared it had to be brought to the group for approval.

HW:  Suggested we might store the “Toolbox” on our webpage and make it a password protected site.  That way we would not have to mess with updating flash drives as new material was added.  In a later conversation Bill Hocker suggested that one person from the Steering Committee be responsible for providing him with new information to be added to the website. 

MC:  Brought up the subject of developing better relationships with the media.  KD said we need to recruit young active coaches to help us here. HW suggested we develop press releases on a regular basis to keep the RCWOR movement in the limelight.  RF will contact Scott Knight and see if he can locate email addresses for all Oregon newspapers.  Eventually we would like to have the specific email addresses for all “Sports Editors” in the state.   

MC:  Brought up the subject of updating our website.  John Sayles has done a great job of building our current site but it is time for a facelift.  It was stated that in order to keep interest in a website it needs to be more dynamic and to exhibit some change.  Our website has been in existence for a few years and has remained pretty static.  We hope to have John Sayles and Pat Clock’s stepson Jay Child work to develop a new site, or radically revamp the old.  Roger Rolen and Stephanie Mathews have volunteered to help in past and would be welcome contributors to our ‘digital team’. The new site could still maintain much of our old information, but be more inclusive.  Mike will pursue this matter in the near future. 

Frank Johnson (Head coach at Warner Pacific) and Chad Beatty (Head coach at Forest Grove H.S.) made a presentation on a wrestling room plan for Warner Pacific. Chad had put together a 3 dimensional plan of the facility.  The plan is sound and is a big win for Warner Pacific should they decided to build it.  It not only contains a wrestling practice area but classrooms and coaches offices as well.  Chad did an outstanding job on this presentation and is going to be a very positive addition to high school wrestling in Oregon. 

BD:  We need to let the wrestling community know about the show “Takedown Wrestling” It is a show that is dedicated to high school, college and international wrestling news.  It is exciting and new every week.  It plays on a channel called “Sports time Ohio” and is on the Fox network.  If you have Direct TV it is on channel 662 and if you have Dish TV it is on channel 431. Readily accessible, IF you have the right package.  Both shows play at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday nights.  You can also live stream it on the internet if you would like.  

Our next meeting will be June 9th and 10th at either Sauvies Island or the old DD wrestling ranch. 

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

RCWOR Steering Committee meeting  2-26-2015


In attendance:  Mike Clock, Chuck Holiday, Kurt Davis, Joe McFarland, John Speasl, Marlin Grahan, John Dustin and Buck Davis

John Dustin wanted to revise the minutes from our last meeting and would like them to say he wants to help develop a budget for the group.  The previous minutes had said he had expressed an interest in helping us with financial matters and fundraising. 

Kurt Davis gave a treasurers report:  We have a couple thousand dollars in our account as of the meeting.  Kurt reported that he and Maureen were going to ask the Classic for some donation again this year. Buck reported that Bill Hocker at Marathon Business Machines is giving us a great deal on all of our printing.  Chuck and Joe said we need to make sure and recognize the individuals such as Bill in our newsletter and even on our media sites for their support for RCWOR.  

Buck Davis reported that he had sent two different versions of an advertisement to all regional wrestling tournaments in the state.  One version was larger than the other and he gave the option of using either advertisement based on the space they had available.  These were intended to be used in the tournament programs if they existed.  He also sent the same two options to Brad Garrett at the OSAA and Brad included a version of the smaller one in the state tournament program.

Marlin Grahan and Buck Davis reported on a meeting they had with Adam Cormack.  Adam is the site supervisor for a large construction firm and very knowledgeable in building structures such as a stand alone wrestling facility.  Marlin and Buck with the help of Mark Haner (vice principle at David Douglas HS) had asked Adam to help us develop a plan and cost estimate for a building that would house a wrestling room, men’s and women’s locker rooms, restrooms, a office, classroom and minimal bleacher space.  Adam reported that a 60’ x 100’ metal sided building, insulated, heated, and with the above amenities would cost in the neighborhood of $829,000. This was a very rough estimate and Adam is going to spend some time trying to get the estimate more exact. 

We do not have any schools yet who have asked for this information but in the event a school needs a plan or an estimate we want to have the information readily available.  It also gives us the opportunity to take a credible plan and cost estimate to possible donors. 

Mike Clock reported on the presentation to George Fox University. Doug Caffall set up a meeting with the president Robin Baker.  Mike Clock and Larry Gibson from Omak Washington joined in the meeting.  Larry played football and wrestled for George Fox in the 60’s.  Mike reported that Robin is a president that appreciated the value of athletics and was a pleasure to visit with.  Doug and Mike had prepared a power point presentation and also a financial analysis for wrestling.  Robin asked all the right questions and said he would get back to our group soon---likely via Doug.

 Kurt Davis is taking a group of students to George Fox in the next few weeks and he would have a few of them inquire with the folks in admissions regarding the possible addition of a wrestling program.

Trent Kroll is going to visit with Steve Thorpe regarding the individual the OWA uses to manage their website.  We would like to approach this individual and see if he is willing to manage our website and give it a new look.  We understand there would be a cost but we feel it is important to keep the site updated.  Trent will get back to us at our next meeting.

John Dustin reported that he is having a group of guest speakers make a film at the Pac – 12 tournament that can be used to promote the RCW movement.  Mike Clock is speaking on behalf of our group. 

Joe McFarland brought up some ideas he had to help us advertise our cause and at the same time raise money for individual wrestling programs. 

*The first involved a RCWOR label that could be attached to containers and then be used to gather coin in.  These containers could be taken home by athletes and also left in business’s etc.  All proceeds would help the local schools wrestling programs and the benefit to RCWOR would be the advertising.

*The second idea was to develop a method to generate excitement with in the crowd at wrestling matches and maybe help attract more fans to attend.  It is pretty involved and Joe is still working out the details.  He will report back to us at the next meeting.

*The third idea is a program that has a fitness component in it.  Individuals or groups of individuals go on a fitness program (already developed by Dr. McFarland and his son). Money derived from the program is then donated back into the specific school the individual or group had designated.

Buck Davis talked about the need for each of us to have a folder on our computers that contains all of the material we have developed for RCWOR.  This needs to be done before it is lost or misplaced.  It needs to be stored in a PDF format to make it easier to share with other groups who may benefit from our hard work.  Buck asked that all steering committee members send any items they feel should be included to him and he and his wife will organize them into separate files and put them in the right format to be shared.  The goal would be to have this done before the next meeting. 

John Speasl reported that a friend of his just purchased the old Double D ranch that belonged to Dale Thomas.  These folks are cleaning the place up and would be willing to host a wrestling function there.  This would be a great opportunity to bring the wrestling community together for a common cause.  There is a lot of Oregon wrestling history that could be celebrated at the DD and would be a great spot to hold a RCWOR function. John will take the lead in ‘exploring’ this matter.


Our next meeting will be held in conjunction with the Hall of Fame Banquet Saturday May 2nd.  Time TBA. 

Restore College Wrestling OR SC Meeting
Forest Grove              11-9-2014

In attendance:  Mike Clock, Trent  Kroll, Marlin Grahn, Ron Iwasaki, John Dustin, Gary Head, Chuck Holliday, Buck Davis


Due to technical difficulties we were unable to review and approve the minutes from our last meeting. Kurt Davis was absent due to a concurrent commitment to the Oregon Wrestling Classic meeting.  No treasurers report given. 


Old Business:

MC, BD,CH and MG - gave a recap of the meeting with the EOU administration which took place this August.  Group discussion followed and the overall feeling was that the meeting was successful and that the administration was reasonably receptive to our proposal.

New Business:

MC -   Suggested we have 1 person from our committee develop a document that outlines the solutions to the facilities problem that the EOU administration shared with us.  Discussion followed regarding what those solutions might be. CH shared with us that he had made a follow up visit to EOU to look at more options.  CH stated there was a dorm on campus that was no longer in use and with a very small amount of remodeling would suffice as an interim wrestling room. 

CH – The hard copy EOU wrestling proposal that Chuck developed was briefly reviewed. Chuck was complemented on the work that went into the booklet, but it was suggested that it needed some additional fine tuning. It was noted there were a couple of members of the Board who were currently working on just that. It was suggested that the committee receive a copy for review prior to making the final document available to the EOU administration and the entire RCWOR Board of directors.


MC – Noted that Greg Barretto was elected as a State Representative in District 58 (which includes LaGrande).  Greg along with Greg Smith (District 57) makes two strong supporters for the sport of wrestling in the EOU region.

  • It was noted that we need to get our State Representatives a copy of our EOU power point presentation and financial analysis sheet. MC will do that.

TK – Suggested we develop a U Tube presentation of our Power Point.  This would include a narrative that would highlight the key elements of the PP.  We could then attach this as a link for individuals to click onto.  This would not only be more entertaining but also a better way to get supporters to watch the entire Power Point presentation.  TK said he would develop the U Tube video if we would provide him with a written script to use.  The Steering Committee liked the idea and agreed to have Trent pursue the video. Rick Franklin has ‘volunteered’ to work with Trent to develop the script.

GH – Reminded us that the Muhlenberg memorial wrestling tournament in LaGrande is on Dec 12 and 13th.  He felt this would be great opportunity to highlight our sport to EOU officials. The steering committee felt we should invite Greg Barretto, and Greg Smith to the tournament and introduce them to coaches in attendance.  It was then discussed that we ask Greg and Greg to personally invite the EOU administration as their guests to watch the tournament and meet key coaches in attendance.  GH said the “Semi-Finals” are on Saturday morning and would be the best matches to watch and the largest crowd for the tournament. MC – Mike will contact Greg and Greg and ask them to personally attend the tournament and to personally invite members of the EOU administration. 

 BD – Buck will contact Doug Hislop and ask Doug to identify which coaches at the tournament would be best suited to meeting the EOU staff and put a positive spin on adding a wrestling program.  He will encourage Doug to invite some key community service club leaders to attend as well.   

 TK – Said he had access to Most if not all High School coaches email addresses and could send out information as needed.  He emphasized that he did not want to abuse this resource but if we had material that would further the RCW cause we should take advantage of it.  The recent letter to coaches asking them to speak to their wrestlers who were attending the college fair in Portland was an example of a good use of this email list. 

BD – Brought up the fact that Kurt Davis has done a great job of encouraging wrestlers in his building to inquire about wrestling programs when visiting college sites.  Using Kurt’s efforts as an example maybe we should ask wrestling coaches to visit with their school counselors and have them follow Kurt’s lead.  The reason being that we feel that many schools do not realize the tremendous number of young men and women who might attend their institution if given a wrestling opportunity too.  The idea was discussed briefly and then tabled to our next meeting.

MC – Do we need to increase our support base and if so how could we do so this year?  It was agreed that we needed to keep getting our message out and that we always needed to be creative in our attempt to do so.  JD suggested we develop a banner to use for photo opts that promoted RCWOR.  The committee brainstormed the idea and decided that we should develop several banners (depending on price) to be used around the state.  These would be used at not only tournaments but dual meets as well.  Photo’s of participants holding the banner could be posted on various social media sites as well as a way of promoting the RCW movement.  It was agreed that RCWOR come up with a written statement that tournament announcers could read to the public while these pictures were being taken.  It was also suggested that a similar written statement could be provided to all spectators at the gate.  This would have information included that directed them to our website and face book page to sign up to be a RCWOR supporter. 

CH – Volunteered to have a contact in Prineville who makes these banners for a living give us suggestions and a price quote.  Chuck will keep the Steering Committee and Board of directors informed on his progress and seek the approval of the Committee before making a final decision on the finished banner.  Several members suggested that one idea would be to have portions of the banner made in such a way as to allow the name of a specific school be temporarily attached to the banner. 


Discussion regarding our website and keeping it current/exciting was short.  Roger Rolen has communicated with Stephanie Mathews and John Sayles.  Stephanie is going to work with John and help provide him with material to add to our site.  Stephanie’s support is a great asset to RCWOR and along with John’s effort should provide us with a better webpage. 

MG – Marlin will talk to Tony Jones and Steve Thorpe regarding the OWA website.  They use a business called “engine/Ngin” to manage their site.  Marlin will investigate if there would be a possibility to piggy back onto the OWA site and use “engine” to manage our site as well.  It was emphasized that our first choice is to continue using John Sayles as our website manager but in the event he cannot we would have a back up plan.

 JD – Shared with us a project he had started that would benefit RCWOR.  He has set up a award to be given at the Oregon Hall of Fame Banquet in honor of Edward Frank who was instrumental in starting wrestling in our state back in the early 1900”s.  He has tentatively picked out a recipient for this award and just needs us to write up criteria for selecting a recipient.  The award would be given to an individual who has contributed to the RCW movement.  The Steering Committee was a little confused on the project and Marlin said he would work with John and we could address this further at our next meeting. 


The next meeting will be held at the Oregon Classic in Redmond. 

September, 22/23, 2014 Big Summit/Woodward Ranch

BOARD MEMBERS In attendance: --
Cheri Rasmussen, Rick Franklin, Mike Clock, Harold Weight, Steve  Straughan, Doug Caffall.

Contributing non members: Frank Johnson, Chuck Holliday.
Not present: Steve Daniels, Dave Lofts, John Tyner.

Items of discussion:

1) Review of the EOU power point presentation and the corresponding financial analysis sheet

associated with the possible addition of men’s & women’s wrestling. The program cost would

be on the order of $200,000, with a revenue stream for EOU and LaGrande slightly in excess of

$1,000,000, using the data from the 2014-15 EOU catalog. A brief review of the August presentation

given to the Acting President, Athletic Director and a couple of other administrators by a few

RCWOR SC members and Greg Smith(State Rep from District 27) was discussed. There were a few

comments re. the fact that some of the resistance from the EOU reps appeared to be quite shallow.

2) Things to think about in approaching AD’s and Administrators about adding wrestling

---Possible resource, Lynn Lashbrook. Lynn teaches classes at WPC and has some expertise in

the management of professional athletes and has good skills for communicating with college

administrators. Rick Franklin has his contact information. Having Lynn review the various aspects

of the presentation that has been developed for EOU might be time well spent.

3) Some time was spent discussing what other things RCWOR has done in connection with our

common interest in multiplying the number of opportunities to wrestle at the college for the

current generation. Included was the preliminary version of the booklet put together by Chuck

Holliday(and others) making the case for addition of wrestling at EOU. It was observed that the

booklet had lots of good features, but needed some fine tuning, so as to minimize the opportunity

for critics to undermine the effort based on grammatical issues or statements that cannot be

verified. Rick Franklin and Doug Caffall volunteered to be primary in giving this some attention.

Mike volunteered to get an editable copy to everyone who is interested in being involved in the

process, as soon as it can be obtained in digital form and converted to a Word document.


4) Steve Straughan noted the potential value of some of the material included in the Power point

AND the booklet to use as talking points for a presentation to the LaGrande area civic clubs. He

feels that approaching civic clubs may be a pivotal process in getting EOU to add wrestling. He

volunteered to glean material from the EOU presentation materials to use in this regard and

identify some of the contacts needed to get access to these clubs. Some potential candidates as civic

club speakers might be: Buck Davis, Doug Hislop, Steve Straughan, Chuck Holliday & Kurt Davis.

The value of having 2 interested Board members or other supporters of the RCWOR movement at

such a meeting was noted.


5) Some comment on other colleges that might be fertile grounds for an approach re. the possibility

of adding wrestling. TVCC was noted as one where the EOU presentation could be used with very

minimal modification and that Charlie Anthony (recent Hall of Fame inductee from Ontario) could

be an asset in such an approach. George Fox U was also mentioned, as a near term possible, due

the positive mindset of the new football coach there(Chris Casey) re. the sport of wrestling and it’s

potential to complement football. Doug Caffall is going to make some contacts with some of the

key ‘players’ at GFU.


6) It was suggested that a well advertised college dual meet between a couple of regional schools

might also be a game changer in getting EOU ‘on board’. Warner Pacific vs SOU and perhaps a

Montana college might be something that could be arranged this year. Mike is to follow up by

contacting SOU first, as they have a home dual with WPC in December that might be a possible.


7) Generating revenue to underwrite our current promotional efforts and to have at our disposal

when a college commits to supporting wrestling (much like the money donated when WPC

introduced wrestling---about $10,000). At this time NWCA has a standing offer to purchase a

second mat for any college initiating a wrestling program and to provide an additional $5,000

in equipment costs. Our revenue generating ideas involved such things as: trying to get USAW/

OWA to add a small amount to the card for fees for each card which would be directed back to us?;

direct appeals for donations via our newsletter and website; possible video designed to tell the

story of why donating to RCWOR is of importance to all who love wrestling and have Oregon roots

(possibility of asking Larry Nugent to play a role in developing same).


8) The value of having an editorial or press release with respect to the value of collegiate wrestling

and the limited opportunities for same---to appear in the certain newspapers in the EOU sphere of

influence. Mike volunteered to form an initial draft of one such, to be reviewed by others.


9) Rick Franklin will write a document incorporating our organization. We discussed the options

for having members or not having members and made the decision to form an Oregon Domestic

Non-Profit Corporation without members. When the draft is complete Rick will ask for comments

from a few members, then file the paperwork for incorporation.

10) It was suggested that we ask Greg Smith to sit with the EOU President and try to get his ‘take’

on why the response to our presentation did not get an immediate encouraging endorsement to

consider adding wrestling. Mike will see that this gets to Greg.


11) Contact information for Board members was collected from those present at the moment, but

we are still missing same for Cheri Rasmussen, Dave Lofts, Steve Daniels, and John Tyner.


12) Officers were elected and were: Mike Clock/President, Rick Franklin/Vice-President, Doug

Caffall/Treasurer, Frank Johnson*/Secretary. *Officers need not be members.

13) Our next Board meeting will be held in conjunction with OSAA State High School Wrestling

Championships in Portland, possibly at Warner Pacific College(Frank Johnson to verify). Date: Feb.

26, 2015.

14) It was suggested that it might be advantageous to the EOU ‘promotional effort’ to have a well

promoted college dual meet at EOU this year. The best target date would appear to be Dec 17 or

18. Mike volunteered to contact NMU and/or SOU regarding this possibility. WPC and those two

colleges are currently scheduled to meet at SOU on the 18th

could really add impetus to our cause if properly promoted in the eastern half of the State at the

high school level. One might even add a short preliminary technique clinic to increase interest?


15) Scott Knight was suggested as a person who might be willing to give ‘direction’ to our digital

outreach. Rick will contact him this regard. Mr. Knight’s son wrestles at Barlow High School. Mr.

Knight wrestled for Norm Davis at Sweet Home High School. Mr. Knight is a computer expert who

may be willing to assist RCWOR in polishing up our website and assessing what changes we could

make in e-mail/Twitter/Facebook etc., that would further our college wrestling restoration efforts.


16) We need to get a copy of the IRS determination letter from OWA regarding our status as a IRC

501(c)3 organization under their umbrella. This letter may be requested by potential donors to

conform our tax exempt status. Mike will follow up with OWA.

17) The EOU power point and financial summary analysis associated with the possible addition of

wrestling at the university should be emailed to each Board member. These two items might well

also eventually be distributed to the coaches in the eastern half of Oregon?

of December. It was agreed that this


May 3, 2014 RCWOR Hall of Fame meeting
In Attendance: Mike Clock(MC), Buck Davis(BD), Kurt Davis(KD), Chuck Holliday(CH), Joe McFarland(JM), Ron Iwasaki(RI), Marlin Grahn(MG), John Dustin(JD), Roger Rolen(RR), Rich Rolen(RiR)

JM - Can we help Greg Smith by giving him accolades through our data base? Something to think about.
MC - Can we get wrestling started 1 year earlier than Greg Smith seems to anticipate? His plan seems to be to wait until the next legislative session and bring it to a vote. This would likely be Jan.-Feb.2015. Even with a positive vote at that point, it would likely push a competitive startup to 2016-17. Greg is the best person to guide us in this matter.
RR – Perhaps we need to make an effort to get the interim president at EOU ‘on board’. He may not have any in depth knowledge of the sport or its needs, but there does not seem to be any downside to this?—see Greg.
RR - Will follow up with Stephanie Mathews and see if she is still willing to help with our website. Roger is going to visit with John Sayles as well to see if John is willing to be involved in a joint effort with Stephanie.
MG - Reported that he has heard the OWA has been successful in regaining their 501 3c status. This is apparently not etched in stone yet but should be very soon. Good news for RCWOR and the other divisions of the OWA
BD - We need to encourage Larry Alexander to begin working on Grant Applications in our behalf, if he is still willing.
JD – Thought that Larry Alexander did not want to apply for grants on our behalf, but rather show us how to do it. This needs clarification.
BD,MC, CH, JM - Stated that they had understood Larry to say he would apply for grants on our behalf and if successful would charge us a % of the money given based on the size of the grant. At any rate we are willing to help him in his process, but we do not want to personally get into the business of applying for grants.
MC - Reported that WPC has 60+ individuals who have filled out questionnaire's re. the possibility of attending WPC and wrestling. Several others have expressed interest but have not filled out the questionnaire.
MC - In response to the question regarding Pacific University and the state of their program The amount of money spent/participant is very high, which makes the program an easy ‘target’ when budget reviews are conducted. It was suggested that Kevin Binkerd, John Tyner, and Ken Parshall would be good people to approach the President/AD about the ‘status of wrestling’ at Pacific. These 3 are good candidates because of their positions as father’s of Pacific wrestlers, or in Ken’s case because of his position as Ass’t Superintendent of Salem schools.
CH - Will talk to the AD at Treasure Valley CC and may visit to see about the possibility of reinstating a wrestling program there. He should talk with Luke Cleaver, AD at Nyssa, before doing that, as Luke has some ‘connections’ at TVCC.
JM, KD - Discussed the concept of Advanced Diplomas. ??????
JD - Alerted us to two upcoming meetings. May 15th in Boise with area coaches and Doc Bennett and May 17th at the Idaho Hall of Fame Banquet in Pocettelo. He would like to see some of us attend.
RR - Would like to see letters of support for wrestling from other college presidents and athletic directors who have wrestling in the region. These could be included in the written proposal to EOU—and others.
JM - Suggested that we ask his son Steven McFarland to critique our presentation to EOU. His son has done an evaluation of the financial situation at EOU, so he can review our work with that in mind.
RR - Practice, Practice, Practice before actually giving the presentation. .
JD - Suggested we attend a meeting for Board Development on May 13th 5-7 p.m in Portland. Mike Clock stated he might be able to attend depending on his schedule.
MC - Reported on the following candidates for a position on the Board of Directors. These individuals have said they would participate. Doug Caffall (Pacific), John Tyner (PSU), Rick Franklin (MHCC/Pacific), Steve Daniels (PSU), Harold Weight (Lewis and Clark), Dave Lofts ( U of O), Steve Straughn (EOU). We need to get this going or we are apt to lose the confidence and enthusiasm of these folks. To be consistent with our Bylaws we need an additional 2 Board members(people who meet the criteria on our website.)
RR - Will follow up and contact Marty Reser regarding serving on the Board. He had earlier told MC he would consider it.

14 1 17/18 Overview    Restore College Wrestling Steering Comm Meeting

                                   Redmond, in conjunction with Oregon Classic

In attendance: Marlin Grahn(MG), John Speasl(JS), Mike Clock(MC), Gary Head(GH), Joe McFarland(JM), Buck Davis(BD), Ron Iwasaki(RI), Trent Kroll(TK), Chuck Holliday(CH), and Kurt Davis(KD).  Contributors: Pat Clock, Don Hoiness.


(BD) Interest item:  “On The Mat” is a well done documentary from Lake Stevens High School, Washington, that covers one year of their State  Championship Season.


(JM) Joe stated that we committed to $10,000 for a second wrestling mat for Warner Pacific College (WPC) Wrestling.  Donations to WPC will continue until January 21, after which time subsequent donations to be returned to donor. Some discussion about where we are in donations and the potential impact of returning donations to donors.


(MC) Mike stated that it will likely take up to 15 months(or more) for 501(c)(3)  status to be granted us by the IRS, if we decide to apply directly. His reference base was Phil Pine’s experience in setting up same for a WA club—they are now 15 months from their application date and have been told to expect to wait another 3+ months. Joe McFarland will follow up on this item.  He will try to get Larry Alexander (grant writer) at alexlr@frontier.com or 503-720-7594 and Tony Jones (OWA treasurer) at 541-290-4082 together to work on the status of OWA’s 501(c)(3).


(CH)Chuck met with EOU and needs better numbers on: (1) Athletes that stop athletics, but stay in school. (2) Students that come with the athlete to just be students.  Joe asked whether students pay out of state tuition.  EOU is a WUE participant which allows students from participating states to pay 150% of in state tuition.  Chuck will firm up data related to out of state tuition costs.  John Speasl will work on getting retention numbers from SWOCC.  Mike Clock will ask Mike McGarian(who developed the Power point  for SJU/New York) if he would be willing to assist us in preparing a presentation  for EOU.  Buck feels we should focus a lot of energy and attention to help Chuck and his team make his presentation at EOU.  Chuck stated that we need to: (1) Get a team together that will be making the presentation. (2) Get presentation refined and ready to go. (3) Set a date for the presentation.  Buck distributed a blue print to help explain and sell the idea of adding wrestling at a colleges without a wrestling program.  Buck will make up and distribute a survey questionnaire to send to select eastern Oregon wrestling coaches to get some firm current data on high school athletes who would pursue wrestling in college, if opportunities were available. These results will be incorporated into the presentation at EOU.


(ALL) A fair amount of dialogue was given to the matter of where we are in connection with the matter of getting and vetting potential Board members. We have 3 who have been confirmed and approved by our committee. A couple of others have been contacted, but have not yet made commitments. Several possible additional candidates were mentioned that seemed a good fit. Marlin, Gary, Mike and Buck volunteered to do some follow up on those. Our goal is to firm up the group of 9 Board members by the time of the OSAA Championships, February 28, March 1.


(TK) Trent gave an update on his work on Facebook.  He attempts to enter information at best times for users.  Trent will post items we want on Facebook if we send it to him.  He will continue to be the primary Facebook person for us if we are OK with it.


(MC) Mike said that there was evidence that Corban University in Salem may be a good prospect for adding a wrestling program.  They have, on their own initiative, shown interest in the wrestling program being started at Warner Pacific. Mike will do some follow up work to see where we go on this matter.


(JD) John gave a summary of the Japan Wrestling Team Exchange Experience.  The goal was to restore the historic cultural exchange program with Japan.  The five Oregon/Washington competitions were extremely successful and have pave the way for future exchanges.  A second goal was to draw public awareness to the story of wrestling in Oregon.--- currently 13,000 high school wrestlers in Oregon/Washington and 20 dropped college programs!  Finally, any exchange revenue could add some $$ to an Oregon College Wrestling startup fund, to be used to assist colleges adding wrestling with initial costs. 

John suggested that we develop a program/book that lists the history of wrestling in Oregon and focus on the 50+ years of cultural exchange.  The wrestlers in these historical accounts can be the foundation for RCWOR future support.  John stated he will prepare a detailed breakdown of expenses and money earned regarding the Japan/Oregon-Washington exchange.  John stated that the Japanese Team handed him $3200 to help with the expenses.  All expenses will be taken from the $3200 and any remaining money from the $3200 will go the Oregon Wrestling Association, CE Division.  All gate receipts (with no expenses taken from the gate) will go to RCWOR.  Bonnie congratulated Gary, Chuck, and John Rich for their efforts in the hosting of this event.  John reported that Justin Lieuallen is working on a write up for the Salem Statesman.  Justin interviewed a number of local wrestlers in regards to the exchange meet, and found also that they want to continue wrestling in college.


Don Hoiness reported that his son, Tim, is prepared to input pictures/articles, etc. in the College Archives Section of the RCWOR website and Facebook.  Gary Head gave Don several Junior College historical programs with team pictures to be scanned and added to the College Archives Section.  Any archive material needs to be sent to Don’s son, Tim Hoiness, at timneri@qmail.com.


(MC) Mike asked, “What do we do to improve our image and increase awareness at upcoming events?”  (CH) Chuck suggested we flaunt what we have and continue to promote success story of Warner Pacific College.   Chuck suggested that at the State Wrestling Tournament (February 28 and March 1) we have a TV playing the Archive Section of our website.  If possible locate the TV at the entrance.  He suggested having lots of WPC information available.  (BD) Buck suggested we get included in the agenda for the Coaches Association Meeting Saturday morning, March1. Mike will  contact Keith Bassham re.getting some time at the meeting. Buck and Chuck will contact Brad Garrett and arrange a spot for us at the State Tournament.  They will also be in charge of the display area and content.  They will work out a sign up sheet for supervision of the table.  New names will be added to the Data Base at the RCWOR table.  Marlin will arrange for 3 laptop computers that have Excel to be available so the folks can enter their information directly thereby minimizing entry errors and eliminating having to re-enter the information.  Mike suggested that whatever presentation and Data Base expansion that is done at the State Meet also be done at the Hall of Fame Banquet.

State Representative Greg Smith met with us and reviewed some of our ideas regarding approaching EOU regarding adding wrestling.  Greg shared his experience and his role in representing/supporting EOU at the state level.  He expressed his desire to help us get an audience at EOU and is personally acquainted with the President there. He is clearly ‘wrestling friendly’. We need to be sure we make a good first impression at EOU. Kurt Davis volunteered to contact the football coach at EOU, who he knows, and alert him to our mission AND how adding wrestling might be a real asset to his program.


Our next meetings:

Feb. 28, Mar.1 OSAA Championships, Portland.

April 12, at a site to be determined.

May 3, Perhaps in conjunction with Hall of Fame Banquet??



13 12 27,28 Overview---------Restore College Wrestling Steering Committee Meeting
Westview HS, in connection with Northwest Duals

In attendance: Chuck Holliday(CH), Mike Clock(MC), John Dustin(JD), Buck Davis(BD), Marlin Grahn(MG), Gary Head(GH), Ron Iwasaki(RI); visitor: Larry Anderson/Grant writer.

(BD) Brought up the idea of recruiting a lead person for each college we think might be receptive to starting a wrestling program. Then empower this person to develop a team of alumni or folks from the area to help them put a plan together to approach this school with a wrestling proposal. They could use the blueprint we have developed as a guideline. This person would be responsible to report their progress and provide an outline of their presentation to the steering committee prior to meeting with the school's athletic department and administration. This would have several positive outcomes: #1 It would bring us that much closer to starting another new program. #2 It would bring some new faces into RCW mission and get them actively involved in a project. #3 It would provide another source of positive energy to the RCW campaign.

Larry Anderson was introduced as a possible significant contributor to our cause, as a result of his interest in wrestling AND his grant writing skills. He seems to understand our mission. He has done many things in his life, but now helps with a water bureau in Boring Oregon, including some grant writing for them. He proceeded to educate us re. many of the considerations that accompany grant writing. Some of those are as follows:
a) The need to firm up our status as a 501 c3 organization. He is willing to provide some assistance in this.
b) He briefly discussed DUNS# and the annual reporting necessary.
He said we need to buy the OREGON Foundation Databook for 125$. (9th edition). They have all the Oregon Foundations and he can help us determine which ones hold the most potential for us. Each charity listed has the information needed to apply.
c) The US Government Grant book is even larger and more rigid in their application procedures. He also has experience in getting government grants. Larger grants can be obtained and often money goes unspent because people get frustrated dealing with the government. Needless to say this process is more cumbersome. We may wish to get a copy of this also?
d) To write ANY grant, 6 things are needed.
1. Description of organization
2. Project
3. Need for project
4. Who will benefit
5. Timeline
6. Budget
Larry stated that if he helped us apply for a grant there would be no charge unless we were successful in attaining the grant. Then he would ask for percentage of the Grant total. The bigger the grant allocated the larger the percentage paid to the Grant writer.
Larry also said that page one of the grant is huge. Most grant requests don't get past this stage because they don't capture the attention of the reader. The old adage about FIRST IMPRESSIONS apply here.
When looking through the books containing grants you want to first think about how you could make your organizations needs fit a broader range of grant opportunities. For example some areas we might fit into would be Health, Fitness, Leadership, Education, Ethics, Women as leaders and the list goes on

(MG) Indicated he would contact Tony Jones and schedule a meeting in the Portland area to discuss the matter of OWA regaining their status as a 501 c3 organization. Larry Anderson, Mike Clock, John Dustin and Marlin would attend this meeting with Tony. It was brought up that a meeting around the state tournament would be a good time.

The steering committee brainstormed regarding the colleges/universities they thought would be most receptive to a wrestling proposal in the near future. Western Oregon, Eastern Oregon, Mt. Hood C.C., Treasure Valley C.C., Corban, PSU were all mentioned for a variety of reasons.
A brief reference to Warner Pacific’s recent action in connection with starting a wrestling program. It appears they are very close to announcing a decision re.the hiring of a head coach for their men’s/women’s teams. We need to begin to generate monies to cover the cost of the mat we have agreed to purchase. Joe will be primary in this regard.

Next RCWOR SC Meeting sites/dates:

Oregon Classic, Redmond, January 17,18
OSAA State Tournament, Portland, Feb.28, March 1

13 11 16/17 Overview---------Restore College Wrestling Steering Committee Meeting

                                    Southern Oregon U, in conjunction with SOU Tournament



In attendance: Chuck Holliday(CH), Mike Clock(MC), John Dustin(JD), Buck Davis(BD), Marlin Grahn(MG),  Gary Head(GH); visitors: Bob Rheim, Ken Wharry.


(MC) Brief overview of the Warner Pacific situation: They have closed the application process for the head coaching position. Indications are that they had a very good pool of applicants. BD, MG, GH suggested trying to engage the WPC AD in helping promote the idea of other colleges adding wrestling. Perhaps MG will do this?

(GH) Showed a copy of a letter he had developed and asked the 3 Rivers coaches to sign thanking the AD at WPC for his work in adding wrestling. It was suggested that others might wish to undertake similar efforts in other leagues?

(MC) NWCA has agreed to purchase 1 mat and contribute $5K in equipment costs to WPC new program. Mike Moyer assured MC that for now this offer was available to any other college starting a new program. We have agreed to gather donations to supply a 2nd mat---an approximately $10,000 project(including shipping, logo, etc). (JM) has volunteered to be primary in overseeing that project.

(MC) There is feedback that Northwest College(Washington) may be ripe for adding wrestling. There is also a new AD at CWU who was a former assistant wrestling coach and the AD at SOU---a wrestling friendly administrator!

(MC) Discussed dialogue with a St John’s U alum who is making a strong case for adding wrestling there and who has communicated several times with me about how best to make their case. He heard about us via our website or Facebook presence.

Ken Wharry said there was some encouraging news from Fresno State indicating that the new AD may be considering adding wrestling.

(CH) Chuck discussed recent contacts with both the President of EOU and the AD re. the possibility of adding wrestling. Chuck suggested that each of them(Chuck and AD/President) put together teams to discuss this matter in a meaningful way.

(GH) Reported on recent conversations with Kim Hyatt(MHCC AD) regarding the possibility of adding wrestling. She suggested a good place to start would be to try to identify what the demand was from area high schools.

(CH) Suggested that we encourage posting letters of thanks developed by coaches in different areas of the state, thanking the WPC AD for adding wrestling. These could be posted on our various internet platforms.

(BD) Encouraged CH to contact the EOU football coach and encourage him to support the addition of wrestling there, recognizing that it would be an asset to his program.

(MC) Discussed a set of guidelines for deciding who to approach re. the possibility of becoming members of our Board. It was suggested that we plan to have a Board in place by the time of the Oregon State HS Championship(Feb.28, Mar.1). There is work to be done here! We must exercise caution in approaching folks in this regard, so as to not to offend someone we approach who is not ultimately selected. Rick Franklin’s involvement as a member of the Board was approved. He is the only vetted candidate at this point. We hope to have other candidates vetted by the Oregon Classic weekend meeting.

(JD) Reported on the upcoming Japanese Cultural Exchange. John has clearly put a tremendous amount of energy into the venture and, among other things, is hoping that the events will raise the visibility of the RCWOR mission. The money from the Japanese team for hosting will be handled by John and all necessary expenses will be documented and paid for out of the account he sets up with that money. All monies taken in at the gate via admissions or donations will go to RCWOR and will be handled by the meet directors(GH, CH, JD) at each site. They will then see that those funds are submitted to Kurt Davis, along with JD’s submission of any residual excess from the hosting fees paid by the Japanese team.

Transportation- Host site is responsible for providing transportation to the next site and to provide full hospitality, educational and fun activities for the Japanese team. 

Each site is encouraged to create a special seating section in the spectator section for our past OR-HOF inductees who are wearing their Green Jackets" and who will stand as a group to be recognized as part of the opening ceremonies.. They are expected to buy their own admission tickets to proudly demonstrate their continuing commitment to support wrestling on a life-time basis. so that our youth will enjoy the opportunities that we once had.. We can introduce them as a group or by name. It's a local decision.

(BD)  Reported on the status of our video intended to be shown statewide within our 200 Oregon communities to explain RCW's mission.  Also use for community groups for volunteer/supporter recruitment. Some fairly substantive issues remain.

(JD) Asked how do we get access to the 5,000 email addresses of parents from USA Wrestling to use in our RCW mailings. (MC) said that he would contact Larry Nugent at the national office.

(MC) Talked about developing guidelines for clearing individual outreaches in the name of RCWOR such as the offer to buy a second mat for Warner Pacific and the Japanese Cultural Exchange project.

(MC) Talked about developing guidelines for clearing individual outreaches in the name of RCWOR such as the offer to buy a second mat for Warner Pacific and the Japanese Cultural Exchange project. We need to be SURE that we have the blessing of the group.

(JD) Suggested reaching out to Fenley and Finley re. linking with them to help SOW.

(JD) Suggested approaching the Edgar Frank family with a view to honoring them for Edgar Frank’s work in developing wrestling in Oregon 100+ years ago. Perhaps recognize him at the Hall of Fame event or the OSAA Championships this year?

(CH) Gave a detailed presentation of the slide show he is developing for use in connection making the case for re establishing wrestling at EOU. Chuck, Craig Woodward and Steve Straughan might well be the presenters when it finalized?

(GH) Follow up with Roger Sayles re Website maintenance and John's participation.

(MC) Presence at NW duals, Mat classic, OSAA meet with Warner Pacific, other colleges and Cultural Exchange literature. Stand alone laptops for self-registration?  RCWOR Signage distribution & storage plans?

(MG) Discussion of posting the existing 14 Umpqua slides submitted by Bob Tomasovic, the 14 CCC slides submitted by Josh Rhoden and the one OSU slide submitted by Bob Allen on the five OSU Gorriarian winners.

(MC) Raised the issue of the shortage of OSU photos and historical materials posted on RCWOR's facebook pages.

Next meeting: NW Duals, Westview HS, December 27,28.

13 10 17-18 Overview----------------Restore College Wrestling Steering Committee Meeting

                                                   Oct. 12  at McNary HS in conjunction with Annual OR

                                                   Coaches & Officials meeting


In attendance: Mike Clock(MC), Buck Davis(BD), Marlin Grahn(MG), John Dustin(JD), Ron Iwasaki(RI) Additional contributors: Justin Lieuallen(JL), Scott Revis(SR).

 (BD) Picked up video from Andrew Stanfield.  We watched the video and came to the conclusion that it is missing Tela O'Donnel and Casey McCallister(a woman and a handicapped person).  Buck contacted Andrew by phone and asked him to add Tela and Casey even if the video is longer than 5.5 minutes.We agreed that getting the video in a presentable form was very important for spreading our message and fund raising.

(JL) How do we get connected to the folks in our legislature who could help support Restoring College Wrestling? Ken Parshall & Jason Ebbs might be a good contacts to help start the process?

(MC) The Warner Pacific ‘report’---Phil Pine(WA wrestling acquaintance) contacted Mike Clock in regards to WPC's new A.D,  who he knew had some background in wrestling. Following some phone and email dialogue between Mike and Jamie(AD), Rick Franklin and MC met a couple weeks later with Jamie for dinner to discuss the matter in person. Following the meeting the feeling was that he was ready to move on initiating wrestling, but that the decision was not his alone to make. MC subsequently contacted Mike Moyer who put together a slide show for Jamie Joss, to facilitate making the case for wrestling at WPC. Mike Ritchey wrote a powerful letter to Jamie supporting establishment of a new program.  Jamie subsequently met with the athletic oversight committee at WPC and received positive feedback from the group. He said the committee was very favorable with regard to adding both men’s and women’s wrestling, but they want to get a few more questions answered before they made a final decision.  Jamie did feel confident enough in a favorable decision to allow RCWOR to announce the POSSIBLE addition of wrestling at the OR coaches and officials meeting at McNary.

 MC called Moyer(NWCA) again re. the production of a slide show similar to the one for WPC in support of adding wrestling at EOU. There was a tentative plan for MC and CH to meet with the EOU AD there during the last week of September. Moyer produced the show and sent it to the AD, but the meeting never took place, due to a conflict in her schedule. Chuck Holliday will continue to be the point person in working with EOU.

 The OWA approved the RCWOR by laws, so we are officially a Division.

 MC, BD, MG, and SR introduced people that they thought would make good Board members for RCWOR. There was some discussion of the proper procedure to use in approaching such folks. We agreed with a target date of the OSAA State tournament as appropriate for Finalizing the list of 9 Board members. Much work to be done in this regard.

 JD introduced Brett Lucas, wrestling coach from Federal Way, who is interested in starting a group similar to RCWOR in the State of Washington.  

 JD brought up the matter of capitalizing on the Japan cultural exchange teams’ visit this January to raise both our visibility and some funds to assist colleges with start up costs. How to maximize the potential of this visit? John had already done a substantial amount of work to firm up sites for competition at 3 different places in Oregon---Barlow, Crook County, Corvallis. Plenty of details remain to be worked out and approved by our group.


Chuck Holliday will work with Kurt Davis to set up a Paypal account to accept funds for use in connection with our work.

13 9 7 Overview---------Restore College Wrestling Steering Committee Meeting

 Sweet Home HS, in conjunction with OWA Meeting

In attendance: Chuck Holliday(CH), Mike Clock(MC), John Speasl(JS), Kurt Davis(KD), Trent Kroll(TK)

John Speasl Recorded the minutes.


MC Gave some insight into the value of using Mailchimp in communicating with our supporters. The insight into the interests of the recipients, as a result of the ‘metrics’ Mailchimp provides seem to make it well worth the price of $25/mo. We have about 1700 supporters currently, although we have ‘signed up’ almost 2,000. The difference is due primarily to the number of ‘bounced’ email addresses encountered. We are getting a 25%-35% open rate on each email, which by industry standards is very good. We hope for even better results as the content begins to shift to program development possibilities in Oregon.

KD Presented the stationery he had printed(and Howard volunteered to pay for). It was generally agreed that the stationery and thank you cards were well done. Each person present received some, with the majority of it remaining with Kurt for distribution/use as needed.

John Sayles address needs to be given to Kurt, so an honorariam/thank you can be mailed to him.

KD Discussed the likelihood of getting some support for RCWOR from the OR Classic again this year. We need to be prepared for that with good records of money spent AND our anticipated needs going forward.

CH Gave us preview of some new awareness signage he had developed. The consensus seemed to be that we might be able to do even better with some made of the new light weight materials, with a curved stand(like you see everywhere it seems). Perhaps one for each side of a table----our ‘Brand’(see stationery) on one side of the table and---our ‘lost programs’ graphic on the other side of the table. CH will do a feasibility study of this.

The next meeting of RCWOR SC will be held at McNary HS on Oct. 12 in conjunction with the annual coaches/officials clinic. We will have time on the agenda and we need to be well prepped for our presentation. We are a recognized entity among those folks now, so our presentation should be geared to a progress report AND ways the coaches/officials can support our outreach to colleges this year.

A November meeting will be held at SOU in conjunction with SOU annual tournament, Nov. 16, 17. Mike Ritchey made a brief appearance at the meeting and said he could not only provide meeting space, but perhaps a night at a local motel, the night of the 16th. He was most encouraging re. our work. He said last year his initial turnout was 70, which was more than he could accommodate. He alluded to the obvious, that is not possible to keep that many engaged, so we need more programs! Mike also suggested we think about the possibility of making a presentation at the Cascade Conference meeting this fall. No decision made.

CH gave us a preview of the Power point presentation that he had developed for a showing at EOU this fall. He, Steve Straughan and Buck have also developed a ‘blueprint’ for making such a presentation and Chuck feels they will have all the ingredients in place to approach EOU this fall. Chuck has already had preliminary contact with some of the ‘key players’ in LaGrande as a result of a summer visit that he was encouraged to make by a contact at EOU. It seems the ‘climate’ there is good for us! We discussed the possibility of making a presentation around the weekend of Sept. 28, when MC will already be there for hunting. Of course the schedules of key people in LaGrande is of primary consideration.

We encouraged Steve Thorpe to be sure that RCWOR was added to the OWA website as an official Division, so potential donors(and others) could verify our status.

TK Said he was told this summer by NWCA Director(Mike Moyer) that THEY would underwrite the cost of a mat and at least $5,000 for initial equipment for any college willing to commit to starting a wrestling program. A bit of additional ammunition as we make our initial contacts. Trent also suggested that we might want to consider making our ‘blueprint’ type presentation re. the addition of wrestling at a college at the fall coaches/officials meeting. They then would be aware of where we are in the process AND perhaps make some suggestions.

We listed several folks that we felt should be approached about the possibility of being members of Our Board. These names are being withheld pending personal contact. Ideally they are people who are: a) have a long history of being ‘wrestling friendly’; b) think pretty clearly about the various aspects of having a wrestling program at a college; c) know people who are in a position to step forward financially, as need be,  when we get a college interested in initiating a wrestling program. Anyone of our supporters who know someone who might be a worthy candidate is encouraged to contact one of us.

We discussed having t shirts printed up prior to our next meeting(in conjunction with the coaches/officials clinic).

JS has a list of suggested sizes/quantities. He indicated that the cost printed would be on the order of $3@. We ‘ordered’ approximately 100. We gave John suggestions re. the front/back ‘inscriptions’. We discussed the possibility of giving them out at the registration table for the coaches/officials meeting and having a donation box to encourage those getting them to get ‘involved’. I am assuming ALL of us will want to get a ‘piece of the action’.

Recent contact with Andrew Stanfield indicates that he has a video nearing completion that will help us in our outreach. MC was to drop some stills of Roy Pittman off in Albany on the return trip and this was to complete what Andrew needed. Buck will continue to be the one voice contact with Andrew. We would like to have that production available for the possible late September meeting in LaGrande AND for the Oct 12 combined event at McNary HS.

TK indicated that he will see if he can get a young man in his neck of woods to set up an online Paypal account to receive donations and to see that they get properly recorded and recognized.

We discussed the possibility of having a regular Facebook trivia question with the answer being posted on our website, so we can get more traffic to the site. Of course, the matter of the vitality of the site was also discussed, without clear resolution. The possibility of getting Jeff Kaufman(Newberg) involved in site management was mentioned.

Our By Laws were submitted to the OWA in advance of the meeting and we were officially voted in by the entire assembly.




Overview----------------Restore College Wrestling Steering Committee Meeting
July 8-10
Big Summit, Woodward Ranch

LtoR: Buck Davis, John Dustin, Don Hoiness, Marlin Grahn, Gary Head, Mike Clock, Ron Iwasaki (front) and Joe McFarland.


In attendance: Chuck Holliday(CH), Mike Clock(MC), John Dustin(JD), Ron Iwasaki(RI), Joe McFarland(JM), Buck Davis(BD), Gary Head(GH), Don Hoiness(DH), Andrew Stanfield(AS), Marlin Grahn(MG), Les Combs(LC)


Monday evening----Arrival, eat, ‘tell story’.

Tuesday, 13 7 9, Wed, 13 7 10 am.

BD and CH presented the current draft, or “road map”, initiated by Steve Straughn to be followed when approaching targeted schools about starting a wrestling program. The importance of clearing with the Committee any official outreach to a college or university re. the matter of (re)introducing wrestling was emphasized. The road map discussed was one that involved Steve as a participant in drafting, thus drawing on his experience as a former legislator.

DH brought up the question of “official stationery” and an extensive discussion followed about the importance of having a professional image. CH volunteered his address as a return address for the stationery(2577 W Ritches Ln, Prineville, OR 97754). Chuck will also set up a PO Box in Prineville. In the same vein, MC(503 357 7037) and JM(360 606 7075) volunteered their phone #s.  RI was going to do some followup ‘design’ work on stationery. AS volunteered to do some pricing of stationery, but encouraged us to think about the economics of getting a price incorporating other printed material, such as business cards, t shirts, etc. I am suggesting that John Speasl be consulted on these matters also. This is what happens when you are clearly with us in spirit, but not in attendance!

BD began dialogue about the matter of expediting supporter data entry at future events. AS said that we might consider entering the data in an Excel sheet at each of several computers at an event, then consolidating the data in MailChimp. It would not require a WiFi connection at the event and would avoid all the clumsy transcription of data.

BD talked about his continuing effort of trying to find someone to take data that has already been ‘passed’ to us(in a form that is not immediately MailChimp compatible) and get it into our MailChimp database. The potential immediate expansion of our supporter list would be significant.

CH brought a sample of the stand that might be used with his newly redesigned ‘awareness posters’. He gave us a rough estimate of how much the initial variant might cost and said he would pursue a unit cost for an order of 10 of them(for openers).

We discussed the importance of having a SINGLE logo and tag line as we move forward. After some discussion it was agreed that the one on our current MailChimp stationery would be IT. The tag line that seemed to have the most appeal was: “Wrestling Makes America Strong”.

AS gave us a substantial amount of information regarding the refinement of the video that we began at the Reser TOC this past January. After reviewing the current 7+ minute version Andrew said he would do some alterations over night, so we could review it again tomorrow morning. The limited edition presented was slightly over 5 minutes, which he felt would have broader appeal. Some further adjustment may be necessary once we have a woman included. A handicapped person, such as Anthony Robles, would also be of value. MG will try to get Anthony’s permission to incorporate some footage he likely already has at his disposal.

It was agreed that we would try to get the additional ‘stills’ for the video and a brief bio ‘approved’ for each of those included in the latest version. Any additional inclusions in the video production would be pursued with the bios and a still picture in mind. The most pressing additional inclusion in the video seemed to be a woman of some stature. MC was going to see if he could get footage of Tela O’Donnell, who was a former Pacific wrestler who made the US Olympic team to Athens. He will be going to Alaska, where she lives, in early August. Kudos to Andrew for patiently teaching us more about this important area of outreach!

BD was going to continue to be the primary point of contact with Andrew re. the video production.

Kurt Davis was unanimously voted our Treasurer. Chuck will be Kurt’s primary assistant. Guidelines for expenditures were discussed briefly. We did not develop guidelines for approving expenditures, but we recognize this as a future agenda item. Kurt needs to dialogue with the OWA treasurer to be sure we handle funds in a fashion consistent with being a Division of their organization.

A few hundred dollars were donated by those in attendance at the end of the meeting and those funds were given to CH.

JM presented a proposed set of Bylaws for RCWOR. He had done considerable homework in this regard. A few refinements were made and a final draft was outlined. He is to forward this to the RCWOR SC group for review, so he can submit the final version to the OWA by August 17. Almost home on this one!

JD reported that we must each join USAW in an appropriate category(probably coach), so that we are covered by their insurance in the event of a liability suit. MC will check on the details and forward the information to each member of the Steering Committee. Each person on the SC will be responsible for completing the steps required, well in advance of our September meeting.

DH was present and said that he and his son are committed to seeing that college archival pictures/articles are posted on the website. We need to send Don/Tim all relevant information/pictures.

JM said that to date we do not appear to have any committed contributors for our weekly Facebook updates. We ALL need to seek at least 1 person who will commit to posting a wrestling picture and/or article 1 day per week. The posting should be submitted to Joe, who will review them and see that all those that are appropriate are posted.

We discussed and privately listed several individuals who we considered good candidates to consider as members of the RCWOR Board of Directors. Since the minimal duties of the Board are spelled out in the By Laws, we can begin to contact individuals re. their interest in being involved in this capacity. Contacts should be initiated by members of the RCWOR SC that have a historical relationship with those people. It would be nice to have at least 9 interested candidates for review at our September meeting.

LC gave us his perspective on several subjects including coaching burnout, valuable clinic agenda subjects, etc. He said WE would have a place on the schedule for a fall clinic to be hosted at McNary HS, October 12. We would be allowed up to an hour, if we had some ideas to share that would be of potential value to current coaches.

JD mentioned the possibility of getting a Japanese CE team to come to Oregon this fall for a single date, where revenue generated would go to RCWOR. We agreed that we did NOT want to take action without having Mike Simons on ‘board’. MC was to contact Simons.

We ran out of time to give the important task of fundraising appropriate attention. If you review the tentative agenda for this meeting you will see that there are several other items that were either not addressed, or did not receive proper attention.





Overview----------------Restore College Wrestling Steering Committee Meeting
June 17, 18

                                                                   Sauvies Island/McFarland’s

In attendance: Chuck Holliday(CH), Mike Clock(MC), John Dustin(JD), Ron Iwasaki(RI), Joe McFarland(JM), Buck Davis(BD)


BD reported that Don Hoiness and son, Tim, were committed to updating and enhancing the archive section of the website. It was suggested that Don be invited to join our steering committee at Big Summit. Buck will do that.

BD gave us an overview of the recent UO wrestling alums social AND reported that one person volunteered to get involved with our effort. He is a person who had already contacted the current AD at UO re. the ‘wrestling issue’ there AND who is a rather successful business person.

CH suggested that we should develop an informational list about the nature of wrestling AND it’s ability to provide a positive athletic experience for all people, including those who have physical attributes that would make it difficult for them to be successful in other sports. There has been a wealth of recent articles that relate to the foregoing, as a result of the furor over the IOC decision to put wrestling on the chopping block. These references will be very useful as we begin to approach college administrators about adding wrestling AND in applying for grants.

JD Reported on his recent meeting with the Tigard HS AD and the wrestling coach re. the possibility of the formation of a wrestling specific alumni group. Such a group could be an asset to RCWOR AND to Tigard HS. The AD gave John contact info the for current football coach, who has done a significant amount of fundraising to support his program by organizing the ‘football base’. John talked with the wrestling coach at THS about the value of capturing THS wrestling history via yearbook pictures/articles. He also suggested that he try to capture data on current athletes annually, before they move on to the next stage in their life. John is to convene a meeting of past THS wrestling coaches and key parents to do a feasibility study and if agreeable, to develop a written plan for submission to the AD.

BD said he would look further into the matter of obtaining a software program that we could use with a bank of laptops at a wrestling event to expedite capturing the contact info for RCWOR supporters—without having to transcribe it.

MC suggested that we need to have a storing and distribution scheme in place for our high impact laminate awareness maps that we have been using to ‘tell the story’ of the demise of college wrestling opportunities in Oregon.

JD made his case for trying to have a set of these in someone’s hands in each of the 14 officiating districts during the regular season. Since we do not currently have any real structure in place in most districts, there was some question as to how much of our resources to invest in this at this time?

CH said he had a vision of another possible variant of our laminate maps that might be more convenient to transport and display. He was going to follow that ‘lead’ and report back at our next meeting.

JM wanted to know the status of our Bylaws project. It was decided JM and JD would develop something consistent with our mission AND the OWA’s other Divisions. JM will have primary responsibility on this project. We need to have this ready by September 7 when the OWA has their next meeting. It would be desirable to sign off on it at the Big Summit meeting. We must live with whatever we design for 1 year, as per OWA guidelines.


There was discussion as to the number of people who should be on the Restore Board and how many are required to make decisions re expenditures—with some consideration of the amount of $$ involved. This needs to be clearly spelled out. The type of people typically on such Boards, not only have some love for the ‘mission’ of the group, but have some personal resources.

JD said we might want to consider having 2 types of meetings:1) Official business, perhaps quarterly or semi annually; 2) Brainstorming/planning meetings. It is desirable to have both advertised well in advance. Scheduling these would seem to fall in the Steering Committees hands.

JD We need to develop a budget and business plan and make sticking to them important, so that people don’t lose confidence in us---lest we end up like the US government(added by MC).

BD will talk with Luke Larwin, Les Combs and Todd Anderson to see if they have a student willing to get some of the current backlog of supporters entered into our MailChimp database. MC will need to educate them a bit---perhaps when in C. Oregon for the next meeting?

MC, CH, JM and BD will try to recruit some individuals to post one day/week on our Facebook page to try to increase traffic---especially in the ‘off season’. JM will be the collecting/screening agent and see that they get posted using the free softward Buffer. In this direction, we should keep in mind that one of our ultimate objectives should be to point people to our Website.

MC Brought to the fore an idea discussed previously, namely for us to ‘sponsor’ a social/clinic in the Fall, perhaps jointly with OWA---to bring wrestling people together. A mix of currently active and ‘over the hill’ coaches might be on the slate. Subsequent examination of the OWA website suggests that they are not planning anything along that line, so it is a possibility at this point. Where to go with this good idea?

Fundraising---Many voices;  Lots of ideas, mostly good, but not for posting--at this point.

MC commented that after meeting with Dawn Marie, it was clear that she felt we had a ways to go to optimize our website. She suggested a few sites to ‘steal’ ideas from—--1) www.aclj.org ; 2) www.standupgirl.com; 3) www.teamusa.org/USA-wrestling.aspx. In a different direction, she talked about the potential dividend from advertising our mission/site--- there is a charge to do so, but it is often very cost effective. She also mentioned the value of tracking the traffic on our site using Google analytics, or other software, so we would get a better idea of what is ‘hot’.

JD again brought to the fore the importance of trying to use our database to find new volunteers to do specific tasks. We have over 1500 volunteers, so someone should tackle this project to see what ‘kind’ of volunteers we have. Of course, the specific needs should be identified and then a ‘petition’ circulated.

JD also suggested trying to coordinate our efforts with the high school coaches associations, via two of the leaders-- Trent Kroll and Les Combs.




Restore College Wrestling Steering Committee Meeting

April 6, 2013
Embassy Suites Hotel, Tigard

In attendance: Chuck Holliday, Mike Clock, Gary Head, John Dustin, Trent Kroll, Ron Iwasaki, Kurt Davis, Joe McFarland, Gary Head


The meeting was brief.
Trent Kroll was invited to attend to ‘size us up’ and possibly agree to be the first representative of a younger generation of wrestling coaches. We discussed the desirability of having at least 2 people from this currently active group of coaches on the committee.

We talked about the value of getting additional input from EACH of us on the possible ‘game plan’ for reinstatement of wrestling at EOU and it’s value as a template for other college wrestling restoration efforts. We were ALL encouraged to give our input on this matter, via email, in the very near future. Please forward all suggestions to Buck, Chuck.

We discussed ways that wrestling’s appeal & visibility might be raised. Some items mentioned were:

A) Developing a relationship with a person at each of the major newspapers in Oregon(Portland, Salem, Eugene), so that Our Sport is better represented. Perhaps we need to have someone in charge of developing better lines of communication? There was some comment on how well the Oregon State tournament was covered in the Sunday edition following the event AND the coverage of the Hall of Fame event by Norm Maves. At a minimum, those who do an exceptional piece of work in behalf of wrestling, need to be complimented. Perhaps we need to try to find someone in the wrestling community who writes well AND is willing to consistently provide possible wrestling articles of interest to targeted media? Do we try to form a subcommittee to examine ways to reach the media? A request for a volunteer to lead the charge in this direction produced no one.

B) Redmond’s honor-the-military night in conjunction with a wrestling event was mentioned as one which drew a very good crowd. Russia’s use of non wrestling entertainment in conjunction with wrestling events was noted. Some creative ideas might draw people to events who would otherwise not come---and in the process they might become educated and ‘hooked’ on Our Sport.

Several awareness items(for lack of a better term) that came to the fore: What prompted Oregon HS to initiate wrestling in the 50s, 60s?; the potential value of TrackWrestling in keeping anyone interested aware of current wrestling results at the HS level in Oregon; Crook County & Hood River HS’s use of Facebook to keep their followers abreast of what is happening in their programs---each of them have 500-1000 followers; the value of making small college football coaches aware of the potential enhancement of their program, by introducing wrestling as a sport; the possibility of filing suit against the State for failing to provide equal opportunity for handicapped and undersized youth.

Proposed subsequent meeting times/places were as follows:

Mid May Near McMinnville, so we can invite Dawn Marie/husband, so we can pick her brain for ways to improve our visibility and to organize a more functional database that can be used to, among other things, recruit help with some of the tasks that would make us more effective. John is going to followup with Dawn Marie, so that a time/place can be arranged that fits with her schedule and allows some of us to be there.

Joe McFarland suggested his place on the river for a more substantive meeting—we settled on June 17, 18.

We have an invite to Craig’s place at Big Summit for a July date to be determined. Chuck will followup on this.

I am taking the liberty of listing some things have been brought to the fore in the past & that some of us believed would enhance our efforts. Most of these are things referred to as possible agenda items in emails preceding our last meeting. At our proposed substantive meeting in June we should decide which of these is worthy of further effort AND put a timeline on those deemed relevant.

A goal without a timeline is wishful thinking.

Items for discussion at the June meeting

---deciding if/where to apply for grants, which will be especially important once we have 501 c3 'protection' under the OWA umbrella(or otherwise). In the same vein, someone to oversee grant writing.

---someone to followup on the video production, begun by Andrew Stanfield. I have forwarded some suggestions to him, but more needs to be done on our part, as well as his. Someone needs to take responsibility for this.

---someone to research what is available(or can be developed) to guide someone starting/maintaining a college wrestling program. The idea being, that having such in hand will give us added credibility when we approach college administrators.

---the value of adding to our committee a few others who have the time and energy to oversee some of the 'projects' that need attention. Suggestions appreciated.

---the extent to which we want to involve our group in the political outreach associated with combating the IOC decision to drop wrestling from the Games.

---someone to take charge of overseeing the expansion of our database. This would include seeing that all paper registration is entered into our MailChimp database in a timely fashion. Perhaps this same person is in charge of ‘housing’ the tracking the signage & other materials used at events?

---someone to oversee the collection and posting of college wrestling history items on our Facebook page/website. I have had communication with Don Hoiness re. his possible involvement on this matter. I think he is willing to be in charge of organizing and posting, but we need someone in our group to oversee the matter of collecting the pictures/articles for posting and getting them to Don.

---a plan for expanding our database to include people from a greater variety of regions of our state.

---planning a few social events that would serve to draw the wrestling community together.

---maintaining and expanding our list of relationships with college administrators who are, or might become, wrestling friendly.

---adding to our group a few more people who are ‘tech savvy’ and who share our goal.

---building a complete network of community leadership pairs(CLPs) to facilitate communication in the ‘wrestling community’.

---someone to oversee the development of our website to include links to appropriate sites AND to examine what other sites are doing that might be relevant to our work AND to communicate with John Sayles re. same.

---identify colleges/key people that are likely initial ‘targets’ for our group, as we begin to try to get colleges to ADD wrestling in the coming year and develop a ‘game plan’ for each college to be approached.


 A few noteworthy items(and I am sure there are more);

1)     Our digital database has now exceeded 1,000, with a few more on hand to be added;

2)       Buck and I are actively pursuing the possibility of us(RCWOR) becoming a subdivision of OWA. Buck has been designated the primary voice in communicating with Steve Thorpe(Chair OWA).

3)      Thanks to a ‘heads up’ by John Dustin and some spadework on my part our brochure was included in the OSAA Delegate Assembly Executive Council packets at their meeting last week. HD Weddel(one of the delegates & former coach) made sure of the inclusion and gave a us his ‘endorsement’ at the meeting. Our brochure will also be in the packets when the HS Athletic Directors meet next week and I have asked 2 of them, who are former wrestling coaches, to make a ‘pitch’ for the Restore movement.

4)      As near as I can tell our 3 Newsbriefs to date have been well received.

RCWOR Steering Committee Minutes
OSAA State High School Championships
Veteran's Memorial Coliseum, Exhibit Hall
Saturday, Feb 23, 2013

In attendance: Mike Clock (MC), Ron Iwasaki (RI), Buck Davis (BD), Marlin Grahn (MG), Chuck Holliday (CH), John Dustin (JD), Dr. Joe McFarland (JMc).

(CH) Is going to contact Simpson College to find out how they brought wrestling back.

(BD) Will talk with Don Hoiness Re; helping us get the archives going again.

(MC) will contact John Sayles to put in a thank you page on our website for Businesses that have supported us.

(JD) reported that Bob Allen, former OSU barometer editor has agreed to provide the RCWOR website with short histories about accomplished beavers. Readers will be able to click on a link to be taken to the OSU photo page.

(CH) Chuck will talk to Seremia Growth about creating a sponsor recognition page on Face Book if possible.

(JD) asked that we use our data base to recruit people who believe in our cause to take on some projects as volunteers. Their contribution of time will make a difference and will allow RCWOR to move forward. Jobs range from staffing a supporter sign-up table at a tournament (minimum 4 hour shift) or perhaps choose a more challenging task of interest. We need people with journalistic skills. As the Restore movement grows, the list of tasks and projects will also grow. Restore needs your help.

(JD) This spring we will seek coordinators at the district level who will work with community level coordinators to grow the local organizing committee of alumni and youth to build a data base of people that are willing to be heard when the time comes.

Meeting ended at 2:30pm

Overview----------Restore College Wrestling Steering Committee Meeting
January 18,19 2013
Deschutes County Fairgrounds
In attendance: Committee members:
Chuck Holliday, Buck Davis, Joe McFarland, Gary Head
 John Dustin, Mike Clock, Kurt Davis, Craig Woodward.
Other contributors--Don Hoiness, Stephanie Mathews, Serenia Groth, Pat Clock

Serenia Groth, who is a Facebook pro(at least in this group!), has volunteered to work with us to improve our ‘reach’ via the medium. She suggested posting more things that will be attractive to the younger generation. She is more than willing to make suggestions and do some of the detail work to make this happen. Her punch line was that, if we get more of the next generation tied into our Facebook page, they will get their parents and others interested AND we will multiply our outreach via this important group. The idea is to make our page dynamic enough so that young folks visit it with regularity.

Serenia also suggested that we use MailChimp as our email database host AND to get better acquainted with it’s potential (she has volunteered to facilitate this). It has a monthly cost associated with it UNTIL we are a registered non profit, then no charge. She also gave us an overview of some of the potential pitfalls associated with Facebooking. Finally she attempted to clarify some of the terminology and limitations of Facebook utilization.
Serenia gave us a brief introduction to the use of QR codes to lead people with smart phones directly to specific web addresses. She had already developed such a code associated with the RCW supporter sign up on the RCWOR Facebook page. By announcing this at the venue, along with an associated competitive t shirt gimmick, the number of friends of the RCWOR page increased by 37 in less than 30 minutes. The power of modern technology--in the right hands!

We discussed the value of having a professional trifold to begin distributing by State Tournament time. The trifold would include our mission statement and some of the things we plan to do to accomplish our goals AND some history of Our Sport in Oregon that features a few athletes of special note from discontinued programs. The point being, that without the programs that allowed these folks to compete our sport would be much ‘poorer’. Kurt will make contact with Bill Hocker, who owns a print shop in Redmond, to see if he will help us put together a trifold brochure for presentation at the State tournament. Bill Hocker of Marathon business machines(mbm@mbmcopiers.com), subsequently came to our meeting and said that it would cost 0.12 per side for good quality 8.5X11 tri fold color brochures. Following his departure, we decided to move in that direction, with Buck being the contact person. Several of us volunteered to underwrite the cost.

We also discussed the potential utility of the video Andrew Stanfield has volunteered to help us produce. We all agreed that with the professional work volunteered by Andrew it was doable and a valuable asset. The idea is to have it ready by State tournament time this year(probably edited for different length presentations) and to do much of the taping at the Reser TOC next weekend. Mike will be the primary person in charge of getting appropriate folks to Liberty HS and to make arrangements for those who cannot make it there to connect with Andrew in the near future. Suggested inclusions in the video: Dan Russell, Richard Jensen, Marty Reser, Larry Owings, Jess Lewis, Roy Pittman, Chael Sonnen, Dave Nieradka, Kacey McCallister, Chad Hanke, Tim Tsukanov, Jessica DeHart (Hood R. HS), Melissa Simmons, Dan Vidlak, Harold Weight—and perhaps a couple of other young folks. Lots of pressure associated with the timeline, but the potential payoff seemed worth it!
We made some tentative assignments as to the matter of contacting people with regard to being part of the video, or having pictures & bio information for the brochure.
We also generated a few questions that we thought would be appropriate for Andrew to ask the interviewees during the ‘shoot’.
The organization, National College Scholarship Assn(NCSA), was brought to the fore as an organization that focuses on helping high school athletes get financial assistance for college. Another organization that we might want to link with at some point?
A brief reference was made to the number of students being served by current college wrestling programs in Oregon. The total is something less than 200(or less than 50/graduation year). It was noted that Washington has only 1 program and it involves about 30 young men. The total currently served in the 2 states is clearly below the ‘reproduction rate’(what it will take to replace retiring mentors). Keep in mind that Alaska and Hawaii also depend largely on NW colleges for people with wrestling expertise. Overall prospects—grim, without change.

We also discussed how we might be able to help colleges that express an interest in initiating wrestling in several ways:

a) Notifying our data base that these colleges are starting wrestling and ENCOURAGE prospective students, via our database, to examine their curriculum(s) and environment to see if they are a good ‘match’.
b) Facilitate connecting prospective athletes with coaches at those institutions.
c) Point students to other resources(financial and otherwise) at those colleges.
d) Promote those programs, by encouraging others in our database to attend home events AND to be supportive in other ways.
e) Be a resource for coaches initiating programs at such colleges. Note the availability of NWCA online course material to assist in the all important non technical aspects of running a successful college program.
f) Be a potential source of start up costs.

The matter of not losing sight of the importance of teaching healthy ‘life skills’ via the sport of wrestling, was brought to the fore.
Rob Bonner, coach at CCHS, shared a bit about his experience when WOU dropped wrestling after he had already made a decision to attend.
We discussed the matter of partnering with the OWA, so as to minimize some of the paperwork associated with getting 501 c3 designation AND to join forces with others who care about Our Sport! Mike Simons commented on how the OWCE was an arm of OWA and how much that helped in dealing with Cultural Exchange financial matters.

Other items touched on: Possible alignment with the PRCA(rodeo Assn); sharing our mission and encouraging others to support us by utilizing already existing wrestling oriented databases(Peninsula Club, Cobra, OWA, OSU, etc)
We talked briefly about the bylaws fine tuned by Joe McFarland and agreed to review them further on our own time.
Serenia had a wrap up session where she shared with John, Mike & Pat some of the finer points associated with Facebook.



Overview-------Restore College Wrestling Steering Committee Meeting
Dec. 29, 2012
Westview H.S.
Host:  Mike Delany, Westview Head Coach
(thanks to Mike for opening up his hospitality room also.)

Attending: John Dustin, Joe McFarland, Mike Clock, Ron Iwasaki, Gary Head (cameo).

Mike Clock presented a proposed materials list to address Kurt Davis’ suggestion of generating seed money at the Classic in Redmond Jan 18/19.     Joe reminded Kirsten Stenland’s concerns regarding non-profit protocols.  This prompted some commentary that (at least initially) RCWOR should be a subset of O.W.A. which is a member of U.S.A. Wrestling. 

There was frustrated commentary of the lack of photo submission representing Oregon State and Portland State.     (Ron texted Steve Woods, Bob Allen, and Marlin Grahn during the meeting w/o any reply)     Mike and John initiated discussion about having slide-show picture frames as part of RCWOR presentation tables.   Joe thought Don Hoiness would be an interested and capable person to put this together. . . when desired subject photos were submitted.

Pete Russo - visiting briefly - stated his viewpoint that the future of h.s. and collegiate wrestling depended on developing and maintaining the interest of the youth wrestling families.   But he emphasized – it is likely they do not (yet) identify with the ultimate absence of opportunity . . i.e. colleges.

We had a little conversation about the status of S.O.W. and any advantage to unite efforts?    It was without any new or current information, and premature to speculate.

Discussion evolved to website evolution and opportunities.  Maintenance was a recognized challenge and various individuals were re-referenced including John/Roger Sayles and Serena _____.   Joe hoped to take some website classes at P.S.U. or W.S.U.-Vancouver.

Rick Rockwell was identified as a good source of wrestling data; also Dr. Bill Bettis’  very complete photo display of past collegiate national placers would be valuable educating and/or reminding all of Oregon collegiate wrestling’s very rich heritage. 

John stated needs for regional table support at the various venues.   (Bonnie Dustin has been an unsung heroine here, including providing refreshments for the committee.)

Mike introduced the idea of an inexpensive brochure that would be a handout take home.

Submitted by Ron Iwasaki w/o corroboration;  subject to modification by all in attendance.


Overview-------Restore College Wrestling Steering Committee Meeting
Nov. 16, 2012
Site: Town House, Corvallis

In attendance: Ron Iwasaki, Buck Davis, John Dustin, Mike Clock, Chuck Holliday, Gary Head.

The site was chosen primarily to show support for OSU wrestling and allow those who wished, to attend the OSU/Michigan dual following the meeting.
John Dustin distributed information he acquired as a result of taking a program planning and grant writing course at Portland Community College this fall. Some discussion followed.
John also suggested that we review a software program called, Constant Contact, that had been recommended by both Les Gutches and Steve Garner(a former wrestler of John’s). Les and Steve are have found this product very useful in connecting groups with a common interest. John also, gave a brief report on his recent visit to Colorado Springs, which included time with Les and Rich Bender, Executive Director of USAW. Both seemed to think our overall ‘game plan’ had considerable merit.
John distributed some materials that he acquired as a result of his attending a grant writing course at PCC.
Chuck Holliday and Buck Davis reported on their recent meeting with a few Central Oregon wrestling advocates regarding setting up a District leadership team so that we can promote our cause in that area and collect additional supporters’ contact information.
There was also some discussion at that meeting of trying to get the Hall of Fame banquet shifted to the fall and coordinate the timing of that with a clinic put on by the OWA. No decision on how to tackle such a project.
We discussed the importance of getting the online data base entry system restructured so that all information is immediately accessible to us after entry. We also noted that there might also be a built in automated response thanking a registered supporter for their interest in becoming involved and letting them know they will be receiving periodic updates on our progress and ways they might help .Chuck said he had contact with a lady in Prineville who had indicated she might be willing to work with John Sayles to see that this was accomplished.
Chuck has also had contact with another lady in Prineville who is ‘wrestling friendly’ and has experience in grant writing and may be willing to help us when we are ready to move on that aspect of our work.
It was suggested that RCWOR SC members(and perhaps District Leader/CLPs) might go to some high school practices for a short presentation about our work AND give them an opportunity to sign up right then as supporters. It was suggested that there might be a very high ‘conversion’ rate in such a setting.
Chuck and Mike suggested that a combined ‘map logo’ of OR and WA colleges having programs in the 70s would have even a greater potential impact than OR colleges alone. We would need to have someone do the graphics—and ultimately some printing.
It was suggested that we need someone to take the responsibility for data entry for ALL supporter information collected. Roger Rolen and Curt Davis were mentioned as possibilities, since they still have access to ‘slave labor’ at their high schools.
Buck volunteered to talk with Les Combs about the value/extent of a working relationship with the OWA.
John Dustin and Joe McFarland have volunteered to spearhead finding/implementing the best apparent solution to getting tax deduction benefits for RCW contributors.
Mike will oversee developing a RCW newsletter for supporters.
Mike and John will be overseeing promoting our cause and collecting contact information at the SOU tournament and the OSU kids tournament this weekend.

Overview------Restore College Wrestling Steering Committee Meeting

September 29, 2012
Site: Clackamas CC, Oregon City


Front/LtoR: John Sayles(Webmaster), Ron Iwasaki, Tim Tsukanov (BarlowStudent/Wrestler)
Back/LtoR: Mike Clock, John Dustin, Chuck Holliday, Roger Sayles, Gary Head, Buck Davis, Joe McFarland.

Those in attendance: John Dustin, Buck Davis, Ron Iwasaki, Gary Head, Chuck Holliday, Mike Clock, Joe McFarland. Also invited guests: Tim Tsukanov (current HS athlete) and John Sayles (RCWOR Webmaster) & father (Roger).

Oregon City (CCC) was selected, in part, to support the CCC season kick off fund raising dinner & auction Saturday evening AND to have a presence in another part of Oregon.

Topics discussed included the following:
1) The importance of developing a comprehensive list of high school, middle school and club supporters (athletes, parents, coaches, others with an interest in wrestling). In order to get those in charge of these programs to help us build the databases, we need to make it very clear how the databases can be ultimately be used locally to solicit support for their programs (as well as the broader mission of RCWOR).
It was suggested that one method of database development with the younger set might be get a student/athlete in each district/group to solicit support via a Facebook page. People in that age group are more likely to be engaged in that fashion.

There were some comments as to the potential value of reaching beyond the borders of our state to include people from adjacent states who have a vested interest in wrestling.

2) We discussed the value of a graphic display showing the colleges in the states of Oregon AND Washington that had wrestling in the 70s. This would be an expansion of our current ‘logo’ showing the programs in Oregon that have been dropped since the 70s. Gary Head and Chuck Holliday volunteered to team up to create such a display that can be used on Facebook, our website and perhaps elsewhere. Although Oregon is our primary focus, including Washington makes the case for expanded college opportunities in wrestling even more graphic.

3) We discussed the possibility of having an Oregon colleges wrestling alums social in connection with a dual meet at OSU, or elsewhere. Joe McFarland was going to lead the charge in this matter. There were some concerns about the timing of such a social.

4) We distributed a set of 3 documents that can be mailed to District leaders and Community leadership pairs who will spearhead the building of our networks in each District. These might well be sent following a personal call (possibly cold) encouraging their involvement.

5) We spent considerable time discussing the process of setting up our 501 c3 status as a charity. We felt it might be advantageous to piggy back on an existing charity-- such as USAW, ASC (American Sport Council), etc. John Dustin will investigate the piggy back option and report back to the group.

6) We agreed to have our next meeting on November 16, 12:00-5:30 in Corvallis. This is the afternoon preceding the first home dual of the season for the Beavers---against Michigan. Another chance to support an ongoing program AND to solicit support for our effort. John Dustin will make arrangements and notify the group.

People on the Steering Committee were encouraged to be diligent in following up on any tasks they had volunteered to undertake.


Overview-------Restore College Wrestling Steering Committee Meeting

August 18,19 2012
Site: SWOCC, Coos Bay

(L to R): Joe McFarland, John Dustin, Mike Clock, Ron Iwasaki, John Speasl.

Those in attendance: John Speasl, John Dustin, Mike Clock, Ron Iwasaki, Joe McFarland.
**Note below, District with a capital D refers to an Oregon officiating District, which typically includes several school districts. 14 of these encompass the entire state of Oregon.

Coos Bay was selected for several reasons:
John Speasl agreed to arrange for accommodations on the SWOCC campus. The housing far exceeded our expectations!
The date coincided with the annual Marshfield Hall of Fame induction dinner. John Dustin, former MHS coach, was one of the inductees.
It was an opportunity to connect with the local wrestling community in another part of the state and promote our cause.

There were several aspects to our presence there that are worthy of note:
--John Dustin had made numerous calls in connection with our impending appearance in Coos Bay to encourage certain people in the wrestling community to assemble at SWOCC on the afternoon of the 18th. John (and others) tried to make our (RCWOR) mission clear AND to enlist the support of several of these key folks in the District to take leadership roles in building local support groups(within communities/local school districts in that District). The game plan is to collect names and contact information of potential supporters at various wrestling events throughout the year, so that we can keep them abreast of what we are doing and to encourage them to speak out when the time is right. In addition, we hope they will be energized to do MORE for Our Sport in their area. Once ‘connected’, we will make suggestions, as to other things they might do to make the wrestling community stronger. Of course, we expect to learn from them as well! The turnout was encouraging.

--The 5 Steering Committee members present went to the Marshfield Hall of Fame dinner the evening of the18th as a show of support for wrestling AND because John Dustin was being inducted as a former MHS coach—and because there was food!

--Our group met for several hours on the 19th, with the focus on identifying wrestling people (mostly coaches) in the other 13 officiating Districts who might be receptive to playing leadership roles in the matter of collecting contact information for wrestling people (potential supporters) in the Districts. We also assigned specific members of our SC the responsibility of seeing that those identified are contacted. Many phone calls need to be made to complete this task and others of our group will be asked to help.

--We also discussed how to structure the conversations of those making the calls to prospective District & community leaders. We (SC) will put some suggestions together for making those calls AND an associated Word document summarizing the responsibilities of each District and individual school district coordinator. The summary document could be used to follow up the call(s) and incidentally verify the email address recorded.

We discussed the importance of getting people on the broader SC to follow through on matters previously discussed, such as :a) recovering archival information/pictures of 70s college programs no longer in existence; b) taking responsibility for agreed upon important tasks, such as--drafting of an incorporation document; finalizing a the paperwork necessary to gain 501 c3 status; seeing that the Facebook page and website get proper attention; etc.
Parting thought: A goal without a timeline is a dream.

Overview------Restore College Wrestling Steering Committee Meeting
July 17, 18, 2012
Site: Sauvies Island/McFarland Retreat

In attendance: LtoR/Front to Back: Joe McFarland, John Dustin, Mike Clock, Ron Iwasaki, Frank Johnson (Matside Oregon editor), John Speasl, Buck Davis, Chuck Holliday, Gary Head, Joe Becker (Facebook presenter)

**The hosting was orchestrated by Joe McFarland and his wife, who did much of the dirty work associated with arranging sleeping accommodations and feeding such a group.

Kirsten Stensland helped us out by providing a general overview of the duties, responsibilities and steps that it takes to become a charity. We discussed general matters related to incorporation AND doing the proper paperwork to achieve non-profit status. She brought to the fore several things for us to do before we become a legal entity. The amount of DETAIL she added on this matter is not outlined here, but is available on request. She gave us lots to think about --and ultimately do.
Kirsten volunteered to meet with a few of us again AND to bring a person (friend) who is well versed in the matter of getting recognized as a 501 c3 organization. A time was arranged for Joe McFarland, John Dustin and Mike Clock to meet with the two of them in Tigard.

Joe Becker, a friend of Chuck Holliday’s, who operates a business in Prineville and who is well versed in the workings of Facebook volunteered some additional time (he was also present at our June meeting) to make another presentation re. the use of Facebook and how it might be used to our advantage. We had internet access on SI, so the working conditions were much more favorable---and most present should be well enough versed in FB that they can(and hopefully will) develop a profile of their own OR at a minimum utilize the RCW FB page.

A variety of questions were brought to the fore whose answers might be of value to us as we move to forward:

a) How is the OSU Foundation structured?;
b) How has Cornell organized themselves, so that they are in a position, as an Ivy league school, to have a very successful wrestling program?;
c) What went on behind the scenes in Georgia, that led to initiating 5 college wrestling programs in that state in the last 4 years?;
d) What can we learn from Baker University’s (KS) work in starting a wrestling program that might be useful to us?.

What revisions need to be made to our ‘supporter forms’ to be sure we have all the information about them that might be useful?

Much discussion about fundraising ideas that might work for RCWOR: a) Memorial tournaments, with a portion of the proceeds to RCW;
b) A wresting camp where the portion of the proceeds go to RCW and perhaps we promote the camp and supply one/some of the clinicians (not likely from our group, but from younger coaches sympathetic to our cause);
c) Organize a wrestling social(s) which has a fundraising component to it---auction; Etc.

Other matters brought to the fore to gain visibility in the wrestling community:
a) RCWOR having a presence at wrestling events held at the surviving wrestling colleges as a show of support (and to gain some ‘recognition’);
b) invest in potential promotional materials: signage, business cards, bumper stickers, t shirts, etc;
c) have a presence at many of the major HS wrestling events in Oregon---Coast Classic, Reser, Oregon Classic, NW Duals(Christmas), Gillis tournament(Newberg), as well as the District and State tournaments
Frank Johnson, editor of Matside Oregon, put in an appearance to get ‘acquainted’ with our group, with the idea that he would do a feature article on us in the next edition of MO.

The question is not do we want to win, rather are we willing to pay the price to win?

Some Committee members at our June meeting in Central OR.

How many members can you identify?


Overview of Topics covered at the Central Oregon Meeting of RCWOR SC 6/8-10/2012

Joe Becker volunteered his time to try to bring our group up to speed on Facebook usage. We were somewhat handicapped by lack of internet access---and age! Thanks to Joe for volunteering now AND to meet with us again on Sauvies Is. We suggested that a geriatric summary of how FB works might be in order! We were all encouraged to develop our own page.
It was suggested that posting items on FB(even things like college archival information) draws much more attention to the site if done REGULARLY, rather than all at once.
We discussed the value of having ‘business cards’ identifying our mission and listing email contact information for each member of the SC(steering committee) and our website address. MC volunteered to followup on the matter of cards.

Robert Storlie (UO alum) shared his experience working on the Save Oregon Wrestling project, to get wrestling saved/reinstated at the U. Oregon. This included some reference to their work in fund raising and the value of having some specifically targeted event(s) for college wrestling ‘friends’ to meet others of a similar ilk. He suggested that he would volunteer printed t shirts for such an event, that would have an appropriate inscription. He also made some other helpful suggestions re. how we might promote our cause.
Norm Berney volunteered some information about the potential for starting wrestling at Corban College where he is currently working as head coach in Track and Cross Country.

Steve Straughan, former EOU wrestler and lobbyist, emphasized the importance of several things relating to our mission of gaining identity in the wrestling community and with politically significant people in the legislature and colleges. He emphasized such things as: identifying key people and the basic qualities of patience, persistence and steady pressure. He suggested that, at some point, we may want to form two groups, one as an educational/non profit and another as a political action committee.
We discussed ways we might get involved in financially supporting colleges who show a willingness to consider starting a wrestling program. Things brought into the discussion were endowing programs, endowing only base coaching salaries, simply volunteering to pay startup costs (mats, room padding, gear) or providing some initial coaching salary support, with the institution having the option of applying for additional support after the initial period ends. In all cases of support, it seemed reasonable for us to request a presence on the search committee for the head coach.
It was suggested that our internal functional structure might be broken down to areas such as:

(A) Web Page (Content – articles), perhaps ultimately including donation ability via visa/PayPal
(B) Facebook management - pictures (tag all of them to help draw traffic to our website).
(C) Financial gifts, including recognition for program donors
(D) Strategic promotion – attendance at college meets, camps and other events involving significant numbers of folks from the wrestling community.
(E) Identifying some of the colleges that have the best current ‘environment’ for adding wrestling programs. A college environment can be favorable as a result of administrators in place and/or connections that we(members of the wrestling community) have with people of influence.

It was suggested that ALL of us likely have people in our personal contact base who are potential supporters of RCWOR and that we should each encourage them to ‘sign on’.
We talked about the matter of making our website registration process more functional, by being sure we have the ‘fields’ we want and being one that we can readily access for connecting with our supporter base.
We talked about setting up an appropriate organizational structure set AND getting non profit status, using Kirsten Stensland as an initial contact.
We talked about the importance of having well thought out written procedures for utilizing moneys donated, so as to maximize donor confidence and minimize misunderstandings as to how money is to be used.
We discussed the matter of having a presence at summer camps, so we can begin to have some identity among those who are currently active in Our Sport as participants and coaches AND to register them as supporters. We had some specific people who volunteered to see that a ‘presentation’ was made at certain 2012 camps.
The importance of brevity in public posting about our work was emphasized, as many people will not read anything with too much detail---at least not until they are really ‘hooked’.
I finish with that. Thanks for following our work!

 RCW Steering Committee Minutes in Corvallis OR May 5, 2012 5/24/12

The meeting was convened at 2pm in OSU's sports performance center. In attendance were Mike Clock (MC) Joe McFarland (JM) John Dustin (JD), Ron Iwasaki (RI), Howard Morris (HM), Kurt Davis (KD), Chuck Holliday (CH), John Speasl (JS). Frank Johnson, editor of Matside Oregon (FJ), was a late attendee trying get information for a possible article about RCWOR for the next edition..

First order of business was the progress of adding archives to our face book page and website. HM has passed a rather detailed history of OIT wrestling to MC, which has been digitized. CH has captured much of EOU history in connection with his earlier work in developing the Facebook page. He has arranged for John Sayles to access the Facebook page, via the custodian. Lewis and Clark and Pacific will be done by MC and some progress has been made there. JM has submitted some digital photos taken from the annuals at Oregon up till they stopped making annuals—more needs to be done, perhaps utilizing Ron Finley in the process?. GH came to the meeting with a fairly large packet of materials chronicling some of the history wrestling at Mt Hood CC. He was encouraged to find someone who can help him scan and digitize them and get them to John. It was mentioned that Bob Tomasovic was actively involved in collecting Umpqua CC history. KD obtained a list from WOU of all wrestlers that once wrestled at Western Oregon. He plans to flesh that out with some WOU wrestling historical highlights. We still have colleges with a wrestling history that need an archivist? Mike Ives has provided RCW with a disk with extensive digitized history of wrestling in Oregon. Bill Bettis was mentioned as a potential future source of Oregon historical information/pictures.

It was suggested that in many of the tasks(such as finding historical information, digitizing materials, etc) we will need to rely on volunteer work. Reaching out to others of the wrestling family for help with some of these projects, though time consuming, often has a fringe benefit of getting others more intimately associated with Our project.
Gary volunteered to look into getting historic data on our website (RCWOR.COM) and to discuss with John Sayles ways the site might be improved so that it is both more appealing and user friendly.

We have supporter info forms from the Hall of Fame sign-ups of people that are interested in our cause. So far there are a total of 43 supporters and the number is growing.

A plea was made to have 2 members of the Steering Committee(SC) take notes from the meeting and ultimately get the minutes of each meeting uploaded to the website, so that our supporters can stay abreast of developments. This was a plea not only for 2 ‘on demand’ secretaries, but for them to take charge of refining the minutes of each meeting and getting a final draft to John Sayles(JS).
There was a request for people to take charge of certain projects that we feel are important in connection with our work. The ‘volunteers’ for specific projects are listed below:
1) MC will develop a summary on how to deal with Title 9 reasons for not having a wrestling program.
2) JD and GH will work together in giving guidance to JS re. website development.
3) MC will develop and ongoing written record of ‘connections’ and ‘bridges’. We are talking about a list of people in key positions, with the potential to help us in our quest to restore/support college wrestling.
4) JM will take charge of determining what steps we must go through to establish a 501-3C tax deductible fund within RCW. This should include overseeing the process.
JS circulated a fascinating document showing the total financial impact of sports programs at the college level. This was something he had found very useful in justifying the sports program at SWOC, when he was Athletic Director. Apparently he undertook this annually and saw that it was circulated to the Board of Trustees---a very proactive approach. The bottom line was that sports can have a positive financial impact on the institution and community. Institutions may be hurting themselves by cutting a sports program.

HM suggested that, at some point, we at least consider bringing our arguments for adding wrestling to the conference meetings, as well as to individual institutions.
HM volunteered to help develop a sample mock budget/schedule for presentation to athletic directors, or others in leadership positions at colleges. A sample wrestling schedule might include Simpson College and Simon Frasier plus catching teams that visit Oregon to wrestle OSU, SOC and Pacific.

We discussed possible dates for future meetings, one in mid June 8-10 in Central Oregon and another in July 17-18. on Sauvies Island. These need to firmed up and managed respectively by CH and JM.

A power point document regarding the starting of a wrestling program at Baker University in Kansas was circulated. This proposal was sent by Les Gutches via links to the NWCA website. There seemed to be two lessons for us here—a) A fair amount of planning was done before this administration was approached; b) the payoff can be good, both financially for the college AND the next generation of aspiring wrestlers! Baker’s program just finished it’s 3rd year and had 52 men on the roster this year. They also had their first 2 achieve All American status---on the surface a big ‘win’ for Our Sport and the University!

HM and MC both cautioned us to minimize the budget and facilities expectations in starting a wrestling program. Extraordinary expenses are not a must at the outset. OIT used an off-campus building for a wrestling room for a few years. MC ‘restarted’ wrestling at Pacific in a 20’X20’ room the first year, used the high school facilities at NIGHT in year # 2 and used the Odd Fellows Hall off campus in year 3. The new gym, completed in year 4, included a well designed wrestling room. In a similar vein, CH reminded us that things at EOU were not all that different. They DROVE from LaGrande to the National tournament in Pennsylvania. In each of these cases, once some credibility was established, more resources were allocated to wrestling by the athletic departments.

JD mentioned a book regarding Title 9 called “Tilting the playing field” by Jessica Gaudro. He also feels that the “American Sports Council” will do battle on our behalf. WIN magazine presents the plight and politics well in its publication. We are not alone in our battle: gymnastics, swimming, diving and wrestling have had the ax fall.
John hopes to follow up with posting of links on the website. Maybe the high schools are next and perhaps there might be some high school students in Oregon that have had their dreams and aspirations cut short by incorrect interpretation of Title IX language. Wonder if any high school wresting programs have been reduced or cut?

JD volunteered to oversee the creation of a Marshfield wrestling alumni & friends group to help the Restore movement. MHS has a fantastic general alumni organization that began about 40 years ago. MHS has 57 endowed scholarships, half of which are memorial endowments in the name of a loved one. Having a bunch of little endowments allows more people to be recognized. MHS annual yield from these community endowments is $194,000. We recognize that we are 30-40 years behind but we didn't see the unintended consequences of Title IX coming. It's better late than never to form our RCW wrestling support group from Marshfield.
http://www.marshfield.coos-bay.k12.or.us/alumni/ScholarshipNewsletters/ScholarshipFund.htm  Note how the MHS website toggles back & forth between Facebook and the host website via a click of a mouse.

RI volunteered to oversee the creation of a wrestling alumni & friends support group at Hillsboro high. RR also agreed to do the same at Oregon City. The general idea is to learn by doing with a view of writing a "How-to" manual for distribution. We are soliciting wrestling alumni to form a "Model School/community support group" for others to emulate.

Kurt has been driving high school seniors to campus visitations this spring. He encourages the seniors with a wrestling background to ask the counselors if there is a plan to start a wrestling program, as that would seal the deal for them in choosing to attend. He has also talked with the football people at WOU about their support for wrestling and the positive impact that could have on their recruiting.
Chuck will see that we get the optimal mileage out of our Facebook/website presences.

JD notes that the Oregon Coaches directory publishes the names of the wrestling coaches at Oregon high schools but not for the elementary and middle schools. It was noted that nine (9) schools were "Open" - probably meaning that the school didn't have a wrestling coach at the time of directory publication.

Howard mentioned a sports editor in Klamath Falls that was previously inducted into the MN Wrestling Hall of Fame. Community sports editors often work together with materials. Printed Tri-folds are a popular way of distributing information.


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